Purchasing: Donations by Harvey Wildlife Photography


Thank you for your interest in allowing me to donate to your cause. Every year I give out hundreds of cards and many prints mainly for fundraisers and organizations in need. All of these organizations support such worthy causes that I feel great about my donations. Here's the problem. I have asked for tax receipts and I either get the typical "it's in the mail" then I never get it, or "you will have to have someone appraise your print before we can give a receipt". The problem with the appraisal is after I pay that person, there is no advantage to the tax receipt. 

I only receive a few small tax receipt per year for the thousands of dollars in products that I give. To me, that isn't fair so, I have figured out a win/win solution... 

If your organization would like me to donate my prints and or cards, I will be delighted to do so with a tax reciept written out to Greg Harvey for the fair market value that my goods sell for on my website. 

In regards to the CRA, you can see the rules here: 


And here: 


For donations under $1000.00 you will see on the CRA website that I do not require appraisals. The fair market value of my products is proven by the fact that I sell my cards and prints around the world for the prices listed on my website. 

Thank you again for your interest in allowing me to donate to your cause. And thank you for agreeing to provide me with an appropriate tax receipt when you receive your Harvey Wildlife Photography cards and or prints.